About Us:

Having a healthy, beautiful smile changes one’s life. The confidence it brings opens doors and creates opportunities. With a becoming smile, you’ll move through life feeling comfortable with your appearance, and talking and laughing without concern.

Dr. Shadow Asgari, Dr. Samantha Vu, and the Sonoran Smile Orthodontics team love to help people attain their perfect smile. Our doctors create custom treatment plans, using leading-edge techniques that address clinical and aesthetic needs. Your finished smile will be one you love for a lifetime!

At Sonoran Smiles Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile. We make treatment affordable and will work with you to find payment arrangements that fit with your budget.

In addition to clear and metal braces for all ages, we offer two-phase treatment and surgical orthodontics. We also provide Invisalign® clear aligners and offer PROPEL Orthodontics accelerated treatment.

We have a family-friendly environment where your comfort is our top priority. Our doctors are both mothers who connect well with our younger patients. They’re always available to provide updates, answer questions, and offer encouragement.

Complimentary orthodontic consultations are available at our Chandler orthodontic office, Gilbert orthodontic office, and Phoenix orthodontic office. Saturday appointments are offered for your convenience. We can’t wait to meet you and start you on the path to a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Shadow is a native of Houston, Texas and moved to the Valley of the Sun in 2002 to begin her practice in orthodontics. She received her dental and orthodontic degrees from the prestigious University of Texas Health Science Center, the largest medical center in the world.

While studying in the Texas Medical Center, Dr. Shadow had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best scientific minds on groundbreaking research. She has contributed to the field of orthodontics on several published research projects. The daughter of a scientist, Dr. Shadow spent quite a bit of time as a child in her father’s laboratory learning the scientific method. She still uses the scientific method when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontic cases.

Dr. Shadow met her husband Eric at the University of Texas Health Science Center while he was completing his residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery. She is able to draw on her husband’s surgical expertise to discuss complicated cases. She loves interacting with patients and taking the time to educate them fully about their case.

Dr. Shadow is proud to be a resident of Arizona and resides in Chandler with her husband Eric and their two children, Rocky and Ella. She is also very active in her community and loves to give back, especially to children.

Dr. Samantha Vu has been practicing in Arizona since 2003. She received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Southern Illinois University and her orthodontic degree from Saint Louis University. Dr. Vu has always had a passion for learning and is truly a scientist at heart.

She continues to further her knowledge and keeps up with the latest research and development in all areas of healthcare. Her knowledge base, combined with her talents as an artist, bring a unique quality to the practice of orthodontics. Dr. Vu has conducted research on the effects of oral-facial-dental development through a lifetime, which has helped her specialize in the areas of childhood dentofacial development, adult treatment, and facial aesthetics. She pays particular attention to facial harmonies and sees every case as a work of art.

Dr. Vu is also the proud mother of Madelaine and Christian, and resides with her family in Gilbert.

Meet Our Staff

My Name is Jen and I have been working in Orthodontics since 1992. Smiles are like a great cookie recipe, they are made up of lots of ingredients, if you leave an ingredient out its just not the same. I could tell you I just love teeth (chocolate chips) but not just teeth, its the whole recipe that makes a great smile. When you have a great smile you feel confident. Smiles are contagious and I am sure if you see me at work my smile is infectious.

Things in my life that make me smile are my kids, all four of them. My husband and his crazy need to refurbish his boat. My parents who still make my life easier in many ways even though I am an adult. My sisters who are my best friends. My friends who make me laugh and smile everyday. My coworkers are amazing and my job is so rewarding. I get to help people find their smiles, it"s the best job in the world.

In my free time I teach Zumba, Hip hop and Pound at a local Gym. I binge watch Netflix with my kids. Hang out on my husband's crazy boat. Bowl in a league with my folks. Go to concerts and play bunco with my friends. Lastly I miss my sisters everyday and wished they lived closer so I could see them more often.

I hope that I get to know you better in the time we have together too. Please feel free to chat with me anytime.

My name is Hannah and I have worked for Sonoran Smile since 2010! I love my job, my patients and my coworkers!!!

I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, two cute puppies, two adorable cats and one slow turtle ;)

In my free time, I enjoy bowling, shopping and anything that involves spending time with my entire family.

Hi my name is Whitney! I have worked with Sonoran Smile Orthodontics for a year in November. I love seeing patients happy when they get their braces off and see their hard work pay off, taking care of their teeth. I enjoy waking up everyday to work with my coworkers/friends each day doing what I love.

I have a 6 year old son that I would do anything for in life, that will always make my day when I am down. I also have a 2 year old black lab that has so much energy I wish I could have.
I like to enjoy time with them outdoors, watching movies on a rainy day or sitting playing board games.
I like being a mom and a assistant joking around and making sure everyone is just as smiley as I am.

Hey ya'll!! My name is Krystal. I am an orthodontics assistant here at Sonoran Smiles. I LOVE my job!! Helping make smiles everyday is such a rewarding job. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling and seeking out adventures big and small. I like climbing up mountains and swimming to the bottom of the ocean. I like to workout because I like to eat!!! Trying new foods is my favorite!
My greatest adventure began about 12 years ago with my son Logan. He keeps me busy with his crazy antics and story telling. We like to spend our time together creating science projects, watching movies, listening to our favorite jams while playing our air guitar and drum set.