My Name is Jen and I have been working in Orthodontics since 1992. Smiles are like a great cookie recipe, they are made up of lots of ingredients, if you leave an ingredient out its just not the same. I could tell you I just love teeth (chocolate chips) but not just teeth, its the whole recipe that makes a great smile. When you have a great smile you feel confident. Smiles are contagious and I am sure if you see me at work my smile is infectious.

Things in my life that make me smile are my kids, all four of them. My husband and his crazy need to refurbish his boat. My parents who still make my life easier in many ways even though I am an adult. My sisters who are my best friends. My friends who make me laugh and smile everyday. My coworkers are amazing and my job is so rewarding. I get to help people find their smiles, it"s the best job in the world.

In my free time I teach Zumba, Hip hop and Pound at a local Gym. I binge watch Netflix with my kids. Hang out on my husband's crazy boat. Bowl in a league with my folks. Go to concerts and play bunco with my friends. Lastly I miss my sisters everyday and wished they lived closer so I could see them more often.

I hope that I get to know you better in the time we have together too. Please feel free to chat with me anytime.